Performance Management

Access control and staff positioning

Workforce performance management

WPM is an innovative, high-tech, multifunctional product, without an analogue on the market, operating on the basis of hardware and communication components, managed by flexible web-based software.
WPM hardware provides a constant flow of information entering an autonomous system, which after ongoing analysis of the data provides in a synthesized form the following information:

The product automatically detects who has been at work and any working place he/she has attended, and for how long - this gives information about each individual’s worker’s effectiveness, quality of work, and amount of work done by him/her;

The product detects the stay of employees in locker rooms, rest rooms, meals’ room, smoking room, etc., automatically integrates them into a matrix regulating the type of breaks that an employee has the right to use and provides information on their excess;

The product eliminates the human factor when keeping Attendance forms - the system automatically fills in the Attendance forms, respectively complements and updates the work schedules - provides huge time savings to each manager leading the presence of staff;

Immediate ascertains absence of employees;

Accelerates, objectifies, digitizes and facilitates ALL of the Documentation flow concerning the personnel;

Lack of opportunity for deliberate manipulation of hours worked;

Termination of the possibility to check with someone else's card, or the possibility that someone registers several ID cards - the system intercepts the joint movement and registration of more than one card at the same workplace, at the same time and submits a signal to an administrator;

The product provides Objective information for real time worked out by each worker;

Avoidance of ambiguities during internal staff’s business trips from one working place to another (enterprise, headquarter, etc;)

Providing reliable information in all cases, including accidents at work;

The product provides real information about the reaction of technical teams in case of accidents, duration of repairs, machines’ downtime; etc.

The system processes data which make easier and very precise the planning of staff needs through "analysis of workload";

The product can provide a comparative analysis of data to show in advance the necessary number of people needed for working out of different volumes of production;

WPM is an indispensable data provider when clarification of marital situations is needed and helps clarifying of brigade or personal responsibility;

The product significantly increases the level of security in the sites of the enterprice where it is installed. It not only establishes the exact location of the physical presence of an employee, but allows defining access rights to individual areas and / or premises.

The main goal that WPM achieves is to provide up-to-date, objective, reliable, adequate and complete information concerning the mobility of staff within the territory of the enterprise.