Automatic management of rental labor


is the second module of the system, representing a complete solution for obtaining adequate and fully reliable information concerning the laying of employment.


Digitization of attendance forms

System users fill out virtual attendance forms entirely online.
These applications in turn generate:
  • Monthly schedules
  • Reports on time worked, night and overtime
  • Absences


Costing of the work performed

The system is organized to calculate the work done by each worker according to predefined norms/estimates of the work operations performed by him/ her.
  • Automatically indicates the values for festive, night and overtime, which greatly optimizes the administrative burden on labor valuation and wage processing.
  • Allows correct processing of information on the work of an employee in different units of the enterprise, within the same day. The system automatically distributes the time worked on the relevant workplace estimates of the work done.


Compatibility with external software and systems

The information generated by the stages described above is exported to a module, calculation of labor benefits, which facilitates their processing enormously, minimizing the admission of technical errors.
  • Information from any access control and time management system can be exported to the product, allowing maximum excluding the human factor in data entry.


Optimizing the work process of administrative staff and reducing document turnover

S GROUP ONLINE provides a huge time saving to every employee engaged in control and reporting of attendances, normation and calculation of staff remuneration.
  • Guarantees objectification, digitization, automation of the process of reporting working hours and work done by employees. As a result, the need to fill in documents related to reporting the appearance of work, laying and normation of work by staff is no longer;


Ensuring rapid, secure and accurate control of labour reporting

The ability to control and restrict access and the rights of staff working with the system significantly eliminates the possibility of deliberate manipulation of hours worked;

  • The product provides objective information for real time worked;
  • Corrects inaccuracies and errors in internal company posting of staff from a workshop to a workshop or to another site of the company;

Additional functionalities are also:

  • Control in reporting overtime, festive work and non-attendance days in order to avoid abuse.
  • Elimination of the possibility of manipulating work schedules and self-deliberate deviations from the workplace.
  • Optimize the efficiency of the time worked concerning the working/production process.
  • Significant optimization of administrative staff at the expense of high-tech system solutions excluding the subjectivism of the human factor